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MSMM - Halloween by Athyra
MSMM - Halloween
Please don't zoom in OTL rough sketch is rough

Since I don't want to scrap this pic completely either, I just quickly colored it using my rough sketch 
;w; it looks somewhat least, the thumbnail is, and at least I have a Halloween contribution to :iconcharlottebebe-fc:'s contest

If only I have time/patience/energy to clean up the lineart... sigh, well it's way past my sleeping time so here I go and vanish for the rest of the week /0/

Anyway, their costumes are based off of this
Even though I love all of their outfits, Mami is still my fav I'm no biased!. Pink is so kawaii but those apples are definitely Aoi Yuuki input... to lure Kyouko home to ravish. And Kyouko, pigtails? Really? You've lost all your S points not that you have much left to begin with Homuhomu is just happily married to the not-so-innocent Wolf Red Riding Hood. Nagisa is adorbs. Last but not least, Sayaka you're too fabulous in those neon rainbow bright colors, I can't look at you directly X'DDDDDDDD
I don't want to work tmr QAQ or this week, period OTL boss, y u dump work on us all at once
Tinkle 33 – Vermillion Dance

Yutsu kept the image of the happy Dalquest family deep in her heart, for she intuitively knew that it would be the last pleasant scene she would see for a long time. Ragnur’s proud chuckles, Shira’s tired yet content smile, and little Eddie’s innocent laughter seemed to superimpose a similar family far away on a humble farm of Millingshire. Bitter and wistful, she clung onto the memory like a lifeline while her good hand whimsically stroked Rui’s tail.

Even then, she could feel her sanity slipping away.  

The morning sun soothed the ugly darkness inside her somewhat, and her lover’s oozing agitation also calmed her, reminding her that she was not alone in this. After a night’s rest at a lodge in Krasami, the group split in two ways with Synnaria and Amaroq heading for Aukanec while Lyra, Rui and Yutsu went to Tuaq. Since they left before the day began, the powerful snowmobile took them a great distance up the treacherous icy roads in a matter of an hour, especially with how the Sable Beta drove.

“This must be it,” the Wolf muttered lethargically, unscrewing a canteen of freshly brewed coffee to take a huge gulp. However, the hot liquid neither burned nor energized her, so she continued to slump in the driver’s seat.

Rui didn’t need any more prompting and immediately got off the vehicle to survey the area. According to Synnaria, Nita’s items were found at the Northern Fork and indeed, they discovered the other half of the Bear’s broken spear sticking out of the pristine snow like a sore thumb.

Yutsu narrowed her eyes at the dark spots here and there.

“They continued north,” the golden Fox said tersely at the footprints, and the blunette was about to follow the tracks when she sensed something coming their way.

“…there are five of them.”

“Oh? Those wiry things have their uses then,” Lyra drawled as she stared at the group of Wolverines, unimpressed with their arrival. In spite of Rui and Yutsu’s obvious annoyance, the strangers ignored them and appeared dumbfounded at the presence of a Sable Wolf.

“We wants find Oki, but Beta instead. Lucky!”

“Hehe, we kills Beta without snobby Cats’ help!”

They murmured excitedly amongst themselves and drew their weapons, deeming it unnecessary to speak any further. Rui snarled impatiently and looked ready to kill them, consequences be damned. Yutsu’s cold emerald eyes swept over those fools, for she was never one to permit such arrogant display of killing intent either.

Before anyone could move, the middle Wolverine’s head was cleanly cleaved off his neck. It was only until the severed skull dropped to the ground with a dull thump that Lyra’s peculiarly shaped blade flew over the slumping body and landed behind it.

The golden Fox flicked her tail in bemusement while the blunette found one of her speculations confirmed. Some Fenrisyran Canines’ fighting style had always puzzled her, for their blades seemed to have an invisible extension that increased both range and force. She certainly recalled Tal’s claymore and even that Maned Wolf medic’s spatha having similar effects.

This was the first time she witnessed a Wolf utilizing the technique, on a thrown weapon too, and she found it much more potent than the other Canines’ she’s known.

“So it’s true then, that you fucking imbeciles were only able to kill the White Arkho because of Tyrian assistance?” Lyra hopped off the snowmobile, twirling the other one of her dual weapons while speaking in a conversational tone. The Wolverines were still glancing between her and their headless comrade in bewilderment, but her casual approach startled them into action.

Though irked, Rui’s arms remained folded as crimson eyes carefully observed the Sable Wolf’s battle. Yutsu, on the other hand, was unable to tear her eyes away from the severed cranium and the thick gush of vermillion tarnishing the glimmering snow. Her Lupine companion was killing a group of strangers right beside her like a daily chore, yet all she could think about was how beautiful the seeping blood was.

Her throat felt dry even though she drank plenty of water on the trip. The longer she stared at the wonderful cadaver, the quicker her breathing became.

She wanted more.

“Let’s go, Shirley.”

Yutsu gulped for air as if she were underwater all this time. Blinking, she vaguely noticed that the carnage was already over and Lyra had returned to the vehicle. Her bored expression remained as she swallowed some more coffee, like she’s never left her seat to murder the five men with swift brutality. Rui’s frown seemed to have darkened not at the corpses but at the dazed blunette.

“Hmm? Something on my face?”

The golden Fox looked away before replying. “…yes, there is.”

The Bunnyroach walked behind her, touching her cheeks quizzically yet found her skin to be clean. Before she could ask her lover what she meant, Lyra smirked at her as if she was finally entertained by something.

“Yo, stop smiling and hurry up. Most likely a platoon’s headin’ to Tuaq instead of these pathetic scouts.”

Yutsu wordlessly got onto the vehicle and kept her gaze on the bloody corpses even as they sped away. Ah, Rui must be creeped out by lil’ol’ me. I’m still supposed to be cute after all.

She licked her parched lips but her smile refused to fade. The frigid weather has lost its effect now that excitement’s flushed her body. “Miss Beta, what’s the protocol for two foreigners disposing those Wolverines the same way you did?” She did remember having to dance around pesky policemen in the bay cities, but simple bribing took care of everything. She almost wanted to giggle at how disgustingly corrupt the officials were, especially since some of her targets had been part of law enforcement too.

Lyra chuckled like she’s been waiting for her to ask that all along. “They attacked first. Do whatever the fuck you want, Hungry Bunny.”

Rui curled her lips in distaste, though Yutsu didn’t know whether it was due to the Wolf’s nonchalance or the Lupine’s peculiar law regarding murder. The restlessness in the blunette lifted a little at the prospect of re-enacting the earlier scene. Her artistic side was getting impatient with all that snow available to be painted. She had great vision but all she could see was tedious white stretching towards the horizon. This place truly had nothing but bloody snow.

Yutsu was unable to smother her giggle this time. Bloody snow indeed.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Lyra suddenly exclaimed, which made the two passengers look straight ahead since the Wolf actually sounded shocked for the first time.

Yutsu flicked her antennae, perplexed that she did not detect such a large group of people heading towards them, but perhaps it was simply due to how harmless these strangers appeared. Upon scrutiny, there were more than five-dozen people, and they were all walking awkwardly but urgently. Some were pulling sleds while some were carrying small daggers and harpoons in this entourage. Due to their small steps, however, their overall speed was pitifully slow. Judging from the sled tracks upon the hills in the distance, they did try to utilize the landscape to their advantage but the wider roads here were too flat for them to glide.

“They’re… Avians?” The ex-bounty hunter dug through her traveling experience and came up with the most plausible answer, due to the feathered appendages on their heads. Rui was silent but she could sense that her lover was just as baffled as she was.

“Hard to believe, ain’t it? They’re Penguins. They can swim like fucking torpedoes, but this is… new,” the Sable Beta was rubbing her face, like she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. “Shit, I knew it’s inconvenient for them to walk and all, but this is just sad.”

Yutsu knew of flightless Avians such as the Vertalisan Kiwis, but she could only compare these Penguins’ gauche movements to that of Flies with damaged wings attempting to hover.

Though exasperated, Lyra still drove towards them and quickly closed their distance. “Penguins are Tuaq residents though, so something must have happened to make them leave their safe igloos and travel on … land. Damn, still can’t get over it.”

Once they were close enough, Rui immediately jumped off and ran straight for one of the cargo sleds. It took Yutsu a moment to realize what caught the Kyuubi’s attention, but she hastily followed after her antennae pinpointed a certain presence.

At first the Penguins looked like they were ready to launch suicide attacks to fend them off from the sled, but the blunette’s harsh call stopped them. “We’re looking for Nita Blackhawk, a blonde Bear. She’s our-“

“She’s our Cub,” Rui growled dangerously and glared at the surrounding men, daring them to block her way. “I know she’s under the sheets even though you’ve tried to hide her scent… Now, get out of my way.”

Before waiting for their response, she strode towards the sled and yanked back the cover, revealing a familiar figure curled up under the blankets.

“Nita…” Yutsu whispered fearfully but her voice completely trailed off upon seeing a small silver ornament in the Bear’s hand.

Sakura’s bell.

“She’s fine, she’s just unconscious,” Rui breathed shakily, her thumb gently stroking the blonde’s cheek while her gaze lingered on the bandage covering her eye.  “Where’s the other one? A black-haired Kit… she was the one wearing this bell.”

Seeing how frantic and concerned the two women were in spite of their fearsome demeanor, the Penguins relaxed and looked at each other in consternation. The biggest of the bunch, perhaps the leader, spoke up carefully. “If you mean Miss Sakura, then she’s back at Tuaq. She’s buying us time to evacuate the village-“

A loud thump indicated that Lyra decided to get off her seat and join their little conversation. She grinned lazily, approaching him like a giant ready to squash a small critter.

“Ambushed, are we? Fleeing with tails between your legs – figuratively of course – is fucking unsightly, wouldn’t you agree, Chief Umiak?”

Indignant, the Chief gestured so animatedly with his hand that even the arm in the sling was moving. “I sent some of our men back to check up on Miss Sakura, but my responsibility is to make sure the majority of our people get to Krasami safely! That is Miss Sakura’s wish - she bravely stood up for us, so I’m definitely not going to waste her goodwill!”

“That Bug, still playing fucking heroics, and leaving the Cub with a bunch of weaklings? We could have killed you all. If we hadn’t come here, those Wolverine scouts from earlier would have found you and killed Nita!” The snow around Rui’s feet began to steam, startling the Penguins that they collectively gave her a wide berth.

However, the Chief stood his ground under her blazing eyes even though the snow on his coat was already melting. “Miss Sakura is a heroine to us all. It was the best option we had, given the circumstances. She is fighting the Wolverine Beta Pakak at this very moment, to protect us and buy us time to escape!”

While the heated argument was happening, Yutsu slowly crouched beside the sled and gazed at the unconscious girl. Nita looked so tiny all curled up, innocent yet tainted by her wounds. Had she eaten properly? Was she healing well? The blunette took off her bobble cap and gingerly fit it over the Bear’s head, rubbing her ears but afraid to touch her skin directly.

She didn’t want to feel how cold it might be.

Rui was glancing between Nita and the distance, frustrated. She clearly wanted to stay with the Bear but was also anxious about Sakura, enough that she couldn’t completely overlook the fact that the Foxroach could be getting hacked to pieces at this very moment.

Chief Umiak was rapidly talking to the exasperated Sable Beta about Tuaq and Aukanec, but Yutsu wasn’t even listening anymore. She purposefully strode towards the snowmobile and was followed closely by Rui. The two women got on and quickly drove away, careless of the Penguins who were at least smart enough to throw themselves out of harm’s way.

Lyra howled furiously after them, “What the fuck? You’re not leaving me with these fucking Penguins!!”

Rui curled her lips into a vicious smirk, but it was obvious that she had completely disregarded the Wolf’s existence. Yutsu wanted to cuddle Nita until the latter woke up, but she knew that Sakura needed their immediate attention. That hissy Foxroach tended to be reckless after all. Her emerald eyes widened at the strange prickling on her antennae, causing her ears to spring up in alarm. Cold unease washed over her and caused her heart to thump loudly in trepidation at the weak signal she detected.


“Do you feel her, Shirley? Is the Kit near?”

Yutsu nodded mutely, her piercing eyes still focused on the distant hill obscured by the fluttering snowflakes. However, the magnificent purity of snow appeared to be marred by something dark and foreboding, stained with the ominous dye of blood.


She clenched her hand in suppressed fury and disquiet. She must not jump into conclusions yet her senses never lied to her before.

“She’s inside one of those domes,” her voice was soft like snow yet sharper than ice as they stopped the vehicle in front of a wall of Penguins. The structures made out of ice all looked identical and blended so smoothly into the surroundings that it was difficult to distinguish.

This was Tuaq?

It looked more like a dilapidated campsite than an actual village.

The Penguins looked frightened but they were still fiercely pointing their weapons at the intruders. However, Rui’s glare and Yutsu’s frank inquiry about Sakura had them speaking at once. Amidst all the squeaking, they heard the key words they needed to understand the situation.

Sakura was possibly dying even though these Penguins managed to carry her back to their igloo.

A huge Wolverine platoon was sighted heading this way, to destroy Tuaq as well as to revenge their Beta, whom Sakura killed some hours ago.

Yutsu could only stare at the gruesome streaks of blood, still crimson in its freshness, dyeing the snow in its dastardly presence. Unlike her appreciation earlier, she felt very nauseous yet she continued to stare. If she looked elsewhere, she would inevitably glance at the igloo containing the injured Foxroach and sense the girl's weakening pulse.

How could a tiny body bleed so much?

The blunette faintly saw another black-haired girl sinking into the torrential river, dark maroon clouding the transparent water.

No, no, NO!

She untied the sling that was supporting her bad arm.

Not again.

Her hand feebly closed into a fist, unable to do more.

I’m still powerless.

Gagging dryly, she covered her face with her good hand and began to tremble.

Charle, Sa-chan, I-

Suddenly, a loud explosion shook the ground and cleared her turbulent thoughts. Through the gaps between her fingers, she saw Rui prowling away from a still sizzling spot. She had burnt those patches of snow and defiantly wiped the blood out of existence.

Emerald eyes slowly looked up towards the direction the Kyuubi was stalking and saw nine golden tails flaring into existence. A terrible roar left the Fox’s throat, resounding with enough intensity for them both.

No, I’m not alone.

The blunette used the sling to bind her bad arm against her waist, locking it in place.

Unlike the pathetic farm girl back then, I now know the way…

She carefully set down her rifle and watched Rui storming towards the looming silhouettes closing in on them.

… to make them scream.

As her butterfly sword slid out of its sheath, the metallic sound sent a tantalizing tremor down her spine and she heard something splinter in her mind.

Thunderous detonations and the fizzling of burnt flesh permeated the air, creating a terrible perfume for the scentless village. Flabbergasted, the Penguins could only crowd around the entrance of the igloo and gape as bright fires lit up like a mini-sun beyond those snowy slopes. Humming, Yutsu tied up her hair using a strip sliced off from the corner of her cloak.

Poor, dear Nita. Don’t worry sweetie, an eye for an eye, though I’ll be plucking more than just one eye~

Laughing humorously, the ponytailed woman strolled past the villagers towards the battlefield, which was already splattered with a lovely shade of maroon and charred flesh. Long, elegant fingers expertly twirled the butterfly sword, testing the dexterity and flexibility as she continued her leisurely pace towards the band of ignorant Wolverines. Drifting snowflakes were instantly shredded as soon as they veered into the deadly weapons’ path, bringing a fond smile to the blunette’s calm visage.

“You are a pianist, Miss. These hands should not be stained by meaningless carnage.”

A traveling musician once told her that within the dim bar of Ephron’s Inn. Middleport was her first stop in Riphaeus, and so the fifteen-year-old killer had taken those words seriously back then.

“I followed your advice, Mister Weasel,” Yutsu whispered into the balmy air, “But this certainly isn’t meaningless, is it?”

Only cries of utmost terror answered her. A cool smile graced her lips before a blank expression slid over her face. “Time to paint,” the raging demon inside of her soul laughed ecstatically.

This sheer lust for blood was such an addictive sensation.

With one nimble leap, she landed in the middle of the liquefying patches of snow, shocking the already perturbed Wolverines with her abrupt arrival. The hungry killer immediately plunged the sword into the eye of the stunned foe right beside her. A hoarse screech immediately followed a sickening squelch as the slick flesh was plucked out of its former owner. When the seizing body collapsed onto the ground, the thick splatter of blood and molten ice sealed the fates of these preys around her.

“That is one ugly eye, wouldn’t you agree?” Yutsu twittered, flicking her knife to get rid of the bloody white ball. It landed onto the puddle with a wet splash and was instantly set ablaze by the growling Kyuubi.

“They’re all fucking eyesores.”

Amused emerald met wrathful crimson.

Singed chunks of molten flesh sizzled around the Mytho like grotesque puzzle pieces, enshrouding her in a smoky veil that made her ever so captivating in the ponytailed killer’s eyes.

“I shall get rid of them for you then, dearest~” Yutsu blew a loving kiss towards the bemused Fox, who cracked her fiery knuckles viciously.

“I’ll fucking annihilate them myself, damn Rabbit.”

“Let’s play then~”

Laughing breathlessly, the blue-haired woman spun around her quarries, stabbing here and there, bodies after bodies. Any resistance proved to be futile against the agile fighter as she evaded blow after blow, twirling and prancing between limbs to strike at any spot she desired. Her deadly precision allowed her to avoid impaling vital spots and instead pierce the places that stimulated the most agony. Elbows, kneecaps, eyes and ankles were gouged and carved like mere livestock ready for sacrifice, ready to be offered to their consuming bloodlust.

This was her arena, her playground. She swung over the panicking Wolverines, sliding down the snowy hills and leaped up over the twitching, agonized bodies. A childish giggle escaped her lips at the dumbfounded toys as she swiftly stacked up her little imitate sandbox, building and constructing a masterpiece dyed in a wonderful sheen of red.

Oh, how its rapturous aroma and its luscious hue filled her with such pleasure. It was really too unfortunate that she only had one hand to paint.

With a nifty little back flip, she landed in the middle of the fresh graveyard with a nearby inaudible splat. She took a deep breath and smiled dazedly at the resulting euphoria. What was the mere discomfort of her aching shoulder when there was so much gratification to reap?

"Are you expecting an applause of some sort, Rabbit?"

Glinting emerald eyes fluttered lazily at the exasperated tone of her lover.  "What~? I've put on quite a splendid performance, did I not?"

Though smeared in soot and maroon stains, the Kyuubi still emitted that same delectable austerity. She folded her arms and growled darkly. "I didn't get entertained enough. Those little fuckers died too fast."

Indeed, there were only six Wolverines still whole enough to be counted, while an unknown number was reduced to cinder and burning lumps.

"Tsk tsk, you're such a newbie at this, oh Foxy~" Yutsu giggled and stomped down on one of the unmoving forms sprawled in the shallow pool of blood and thawing snow. A wheezing cough echoed in the silent plain that was only interrupted by the cackling of blazing fires. "See? I made sure my fun doesn't run out quite yet."

An unimpressed growl was her only answer. Rui's ears then flicked the same time Yutsu's antennae twitched.  "Oh, there are more."

The golden-haired woman scoffed and began to systematically incinerate all the remains littered around her. Squirming, the blunette gazed lustfully at her lover as she languidly licked the blood off her sword. She had certainly witnessed Rui’s fury in the past but never on this calibre. Such wild desire to kill! The Kyuubi was so very famished, reflected by that fucking phenomenal gleam in those crimson orbs. The starving Mytho heated her up in ways previously unimaginable, so much that the euphoria from earlier wasn’t enough anymore.

Humming cheerfully, she strolled past her collection of fallen toys, tapping her chin in deep thought as she stabbed each and every one of them to jolt their consciousness back to present as they awaited their grisly judgment.

She stopped by one particular Wolverine who stood out from the rest of his brethren. He was wearing an extra layer of armor, signifying his rank within the band, yet this meager protection did nothing to save him from her wrath a moment prior. His jugulars were sliced in a way that he was bleeding out at just the right rate for her enjoyment. His Achilles tendons were completely shredded, the flesh and tendons already soaked in a viscous mixture of snow and blood.

Yutsu smiled coldly at this morbidly picturesque scene, pleased that she had managed an adequate artwork with just one hand. She didn’t need to look to know that her lover was enjoying the new arrivals, so she decided to take a little break to brush up on a rusty skill.

Really, these Wolverines were muscular and possibly a force to be reckoned with if led by a competent leader. It was really unfortunate for them that their opponents were a Mytho who ruled over fire and a veteran killer with a fondness for torture.

She kneeled down beside the bandleader, tilting her head as wide, terrified eyes stared back at her.

"P-p-please d-"

Hilarious. Was he not laughing arrogantly at her Bunny ears not too long ago? She languidly licked her lips to savor the Wolverine’s despair, now that the prey has become the predator.

Eyebrow raised, she hummed and chopped off his thumb and index nails with a flick of her sword. He opened his mouth in a soundless scream, followed by rumbles of agonized chokes.

"So, what’s your objective in coming here, hmm?"

The consequent garbled response was not to her liking at all. The phantom humor vanished from her visage, replaced by a blank expression. Ruthlessly and efficiently, she diced the fingers and dangled the severed digits in front of him before tossing them to his stupefied comrades. She grazed her slick sword along the outline of his jaw almost gently, belying the cruel intention brimming in her cold gaze.

"Put a little effort in answering, won't you? I'm not against carving out some fangs right out of your cheeks."

Her abrupt shift in psychotic delight to absolute indifference seemed to scare the Wolverine more.

"W-We is here to k-kill everyone in Tuaq," raspy whines answered hurriedly.

“Good boy,” she said monotonously as she tapped the blade against his bloodless lips. “Under whose orders? I happen to know that Tyradum is involved, so choose your words wisely.”

“O-Our Lord Karkuss! A-And those Felines! But I no knows their names, I swears!”

“Hmm? What of their kind?”

“P-Pumas, me thinks. Wildcats? And those with black tuffed ears… oh I knows! T-They’re Lynxes-”

His throat was slit before he finished speaking. The macabre line connected the previous cuts on his neck to form a hideous grin that continuously oozed crimson.

"Oops..." she murmured calmly even though her insides were boiling, threatening to explode.

Lynxes. She has traveled to so many places and managed to destroy the few she could find, yet she never found that particular regiment for the majority of the Lynxes still lived in Tyradum, an empire she was unable to explore in spite of her shady connections.

Could this be? Could Zared Teresia be amongst the Tyrian invaders?

Absorbed in her thoughts, she barely heard her victims’ grunts. One by one, she interrogated them of their knowledge only to be frustrated by their lack of information. Of course, it would have to be someone with enough intelligence to comprehend the Tyrian alliance so these grunts knew nothing beyond their orders. Horrified gasps quickly morphed into screams of sheer agony as her mind inevitably went back to Nita and Sakura. Her tired arm became energized again by the darkness eating a hole in her chest.

These miserable creatures dared to hurt sweet Nita and her dear Sakura?

Did they seriously try to take her family away from her, again?

"W-We didn't do anything! P-p-p-p-"

Ever so silent, a blue-haired girl plunged her knives into the throat of the crying Feline and tore out the trachea with one effortless yank.

Tears were still trickling down his blank eyes as one last gurgle escaped the bloody mess of a neck. The body collapsed with a resounding thud, joining the corpses of his wife and children. Expressionless, she flicked her blades to rid them of the thick liquid before sheathing them.

"Marvelous, Yutsu, as expected of my pupil," animalistic eyes glinted with pride and bloodlust as they surveyed the dim room.

"What's my next mission?" She murmured evenly, looking straight at him without admiring her work.

"So eager, Bunny Girl? Their bodies aren't even cold yet!" Barks of laughter reverberated in the lifeless cabin that was once a home to a simple family. “But indeed, you have been ushered onto the stage. It is time that your name will be whispered by creatures of darkness.”

The man chuckled and used his cigar to point at the butterfly insignia on the girl’s twin swords.

“Have you thought of how you would bring them to life?”

Yutsu's face remained placid as she reached the last Wolverine, who was whimpering until she crouched down beside him. His murky eyes lit up in vague recognition.

"I-I knows you!! No mistake… b-blue hair, swords with that mark, green eyes!"

"Oh?" This was unexpected since she only had to deal with Wolverines once in the past, and each of them certainly died by her blade. Smiling, she ghosted her fingers over the coughing Wolverine's cheek, causing him to shiver under her falsely affectionate touch. "Go on, how do you know of me?"

"I-I heard it from m-my buddy. He used to deal with the Mongoose C-Camorra. H-He said t-they had a t-top assassin, b-but s-she d-disappeared after s-she- grarrrhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Yutsu smiled ominously as she yanked her sword out of his shoulder. Her ears flicked towards the hills yonder where her enraged lover was decimating the Wolverines, too far to have heard this conversation.

A relieved sigh left her lips.

"You're correct, mongrel," her eyes hardened malevolently, "but that phantom no longer exists. She found her light. She has a family now… a family that she will never let that ugly darkness touch.”

A vicious grin then greeted the gurgling Wolverine.

"They are my world, and I will do anything to keep it safe." He struggled futilely under her unrelenting grip. "Killing is supposed to be an emotionless task. But no, you little dipshit, listen closely. I'm not killing you," she whispered seductively at the sight of that hopeful glaze in his wide eyes. "Oh no, I'm not killing you."

She slowly unclasped his chest armor and threw it off with a deceptively innocent giggle. "I'm slaughtering you."

Incoherent whimpers did nothing to deter her from her task.

"Do you understand why? You recognized me, so I will treat you accordingly,” she raised her sword until he could clearly see the emblem etched unto the vermillion hilt. “You see, I’m not named after my swords.”

Sickening squelches and dull hisses filled the air for the next few moments, and then weak poundings replaced the previous song and began to croak its tragic soliloquy. The Wolverine’s flayed chest skin was carefully spread so the smeared innards could be displayed fully.

It looked like a pupa undergoing a bloody metamorphosis.

"This is my signature," Yutsu spoke vacantly, even though raw pleasure surged through her being like a cleansing wave. Her bloodstained lips moved without a sound and trembled at each syllable.

Crimson Butterfly.

It’s been so long since she buried her most grotesque, filthiest fantasies. Maurice got along with her right off the bat when Master found her and directed her to the Kazan Guild. Since then, the bounty hunter never indulged in her signature move and changed her ways as much as she could. She became a Top Tier under a different codename, the Cobalt Viper, and thrived as a different agent of death throughout Riphaeus.

Even though she was now way up North, where she hasn’t bestowed her best works, the past could never be erased.

The Crimson Butterfly shall dance once more.

Now that the euphoric shroud was gone, her shoulder clenched with fatigue and pain. Her still healing wound must have worsened from her strenuous exertion. The thought of being so fucking vulnerable sent a cold wave of disgust up her limbs. Fleetingly, she considered hacking off the offending arm and had Rui cauterize it. Massive bleeding and agony without anesthesia never entered her mind as she played with the idea. In the end, she deterred only because it was her shoulder that was damaged, not the limb itself.

Memories of her painstaking recovery and worthlessness against Rowena left her in a dejected state. With her ears slightly bent, she childishly kicked at the snow as she trudged back towards the horrified villagers. She determinedly ignored their appalled expressions as well as Sakura’s frail signal while she retrieved her rifle. After scanning the village outskirt, she found herself a nice spot and her giddiness returning.

Through the scope, she sought for her lover’s silhouette within the smokescreen and bright flames. Satisfied that the Kyuubi’s rage had yet to subside, she then searched amongst the Wolverines for the bandleaders like the first one she tortured. It appeared that these brawny imbeciles had finally smartened up by keeping their distance, though their harpoons and pikes all detonated from Rui’s power.

Oh, that Sable Bitch got into the game too. How lovely.

Since she couldn’t spot any ranking members, who were most likely slain already, she decided to watch how the Wolf fought in contrast to the golden Fox. She was interrupted, however, when a brave Penguin waddled up to her. “M-Miss Bunny, firearms don’t work around Lake Sedna.”

“Hmm? And why is that?” Just out of curiosity, she reached out and tapped the feathered appendages on the puny Avian’s head. The man recoiled from her touch, though the ornament-like attachments barely reacted. Giggling, she flicked her antennae in response to his puzzled look. “Nothing. Continue~”

“W-Well, Northern folklores imply that residual magic from great Mythos still hover stagnantly, here around the lake. Because of its presence, gunpowder never ignites and even if it does, firearms still have extremely reduced accuracy.”

Yutsu only gave him a cheerful smile. It wasn’t as if she didn’t believe in magic; Rowena the Griffin was practically untouchable by the Kyuubi’s fire, let alone man-made bullets. However, Nita the Spirit Bear pulled her back from the brink of death, and right now, her beloved golden Vixen was melting the arctic with her delicious wrath and bloodlust.

Indeed, she may not be a Mytho, but she was no ordinary Bunny either.  Rui was creating a perfect playground for her after all.

And so amongst the horrific stench and vaporizing gore, she still took aim and fired.

The silhouette in the distance dropped from a bullet hole in his skull.

Yutsu peered at the stunned Penguin from under the shades of her bangs and hummed airily.

“Pew. Pew. Pew~”


Please go to the FictionPress link in the description for the rest of the chapter!

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