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LL - Confession by Athyra
LL - Confession
just to bring my total number of uploads for November from 2 to 3 OTL Yes, I've jumped into the Love Live! pit. At least I got some muse going, enough to upload something before the clock hits December >w>

I don't know which ship to draw, because it's really allxall... so I decided to doodle the first ship I like (and still do)

Sonoda Umi x Ayase Eli
MSMM - High School AU Archery Club by Athyra
MSMM - High School AU Archery Club
Look it's Chikane and Himeko So this is a very old doodle, drawn around the same time as this
Like I said in my journal, I'm digging through old sketches that are acceptable enough to be colored...

AU Highschool Homumado. They're both in the Archery Club

yay I uploaded something!

Yes I’ve been inactive lately, haven’t I? I’m way behind in my To-Do List & Commissions, so I’m sorry about that. Reason is simple: no muse/drive. Also, even after I somehow managed to doodle something, I hated didn’t like it and so tossed it *flips table* Such slump ugh. I'll probably just dig up old pics and color'em for the next while, anything to revive muse y'know. Maybe doing some coloring would get me back into the mode...

Anyway, the following is just some ramble-review of all the 2014 animes & manga I’ve watched/finished/on-going in no particular order just to get it out of my system since I have no muse to do fanarts for some of them:
(most of the pics are from pixiv; the originals can be found via the file names)


Saki: Nationals

<w< I love mahjong >w> I love yuri <w< I love dem special chars >w> I love shippin’ DX I love this deadly series. From Saki to Achiga, we now have the Nationals arc after waiting for many years, and look the anime’s finished while the manga’s still coming out at snail pace Fans of the previous seasons would know what I’m talking about. Objectively, this is one of the shows where no one really cares about the plot there's a plot? but dem girls (and ships) are enough to pull most people in. Most of the VAs should sound familiar, such as MSMM, BRS, K-ON, Railgun etc etc.  I'm surprised I've only ever drawn one fanart for this series... maa, Team Miyamori & Team Achiga ftw! even though we all know Kiyosumi would win at the end, sigh… oh well, just gimme more ShizuAko dammit


My favorite shounen manga atm, more so than One Piece and Fairy Tail. It could just be the History-fan in me, but I found this fictional tale of the First Emperor of China fascinating and gets me all hot-blooded xD The hero, Xin, is an idiot (typical of a Shounen hero), but a likeable one. I’m in love with Kyoukai, one of the heroines (see, one of my favorite but all the other characters are likeable too. This is also a rare series where I don’t mind the protagonist getting both of the female leads… Watch the 2 seasons of anime if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it but maybe just take a peek at it for Rie Kugimiya and Youko Hikasa’s voices

Akuma no Riddle

*points to gallery full of fanarts*My watchers would know how obsessed I am about this series, and I was very reluctant to watch it at first too! This is one of the shows where you know many aspects fail, yet you still enjoy it. The visual is very appealing, and each character has enough unique points/backgrounds that make me fall for them. Yuri + action + yuri, def my type of dish. As usual though, the manga is so much better, so be sure to read it if you enjoy this series! Also, each character has their own catchy and unique ED songs except poor poor Shiena-chan, whose name became a new verb just as Mami once did What really made me fall for the show is my love for certain ships. Sumireko x Mahiru/Shinya!!!! SUMIMAHI!!! SUMIMAHIIIIIII!!!!!!! GET MARRIED ALREADY!!! MY MAHIRU CAN’T BE THIS CUTE ADFASDF-!!!! *gets dragged away


Selector Infected WIXOSS/ Selector Spread WIXOSS

Another show I was reluctant to watch but finally gave it a try recently. I almost gave up after ep1, but oh boy, I’m glad I didn’t! This show has many similarities to MSMM (I won’t explain why), and just like Akuma no Riddle, the characters themselves are likeable enough that I just forget all about the plot (even now I still don’t understand how the WIXOSS card game works lolool). The yuri moments aside, the platonic friendship is also very cute and soul-soothing. Another plus for me is that the main character, Ruuko, is my favorite – usually the main character is never my favorite, but Ruuko is that adorable. One last thing, Akira (or Aki-lucky) is probably the best character in the show in terms of her… uniqueness. I’ll be frank, I don’t like her at all, but she’s also one of the main charm points(?) for this show? Basically, she plays her role quite well, I’ll just leave it at that. and no I don’t solely mean what happens to her in the second season. Also, I ship Ruu x Iona, very much

Sakura Trick

This is probably the most yurilicious series I’ve watched in a long time. The fanservice scenes aren’t over the top, and many of the kisses are sweet and cute, just the way I like this type of slice-of-life yuri. It has many comical moments that make this series a weekly-must to cheer up one’s dreary soul XD The main character Haruka is also quite likeable because she’s adorkably hetare I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it made me smile and that’s what counts.


Soul Eater NOT

Another slice-of-life-ish series with some yuri interaction and some action. Meant to be a companion to Soul Eater, the plot certainly lacks the hot-blooded action scenes of the original, but it’s still overall cute. Many finds it weak, and while I agree with its weaknesses in terms of plot, pacing and characterization, I enjoyed this series nevertheless. The main trio’s threesome friendship aside, the much-adored ship of KimxJacqueline is further explored here, so that’s the plus for me. You would probably have to be a fan of the original + yuri to enjoy this show.


Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka (Is Your Order a Rabbit?)

Cute cute cute cute cute cute. Have I mentioned this show is cute? If you like cute things, interaction between girls, and bunnies, this is the show for you. While I don’t find any memorable moments for this series, I still remembered looking forward to a new ep each week. It’s very soul healing and one of the characters, Rize, looks just like Azusa (albeit a more badass one lolol!), so what are you waiting for? Watch this show now! If you’re having a bad day, definitely watch this to feel all warm and fluffed up.


Zankyou no Terror

In terms of context, personally I find this the best show of 2014. The themes are well-executed, the music is beautiful, and art style is somber. And, while the characters aren’t explored in depth, it’s enough to make you feel attached for them and feel for their actions. I won’t talk much here in case I spoil, but if you’re a fan of a good story that makes you reflect and ponder after the end, definitely check this out.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Ahahahahahahahahahaha x 999999 X’DDDDD *cries, wipes away tears* In terms of comedy, this is the best show I’ve watched in a long time. The last time I laughed this much was Azumanga Daioh I think… Anyway, I promise you’d laugh at least once in each episode. I myself laughed until my stomach hurts. Its goofy character interactions, situations and adorkable romantic (?) moments are just super lawl. All the characters are endearing in their own way especially Mamiko-kun. Just watch this show dammit. Watch it, watch it now Also, read the manga! Hori-senpai x Kashima 4ever!!!


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

This story appeals to my shoujo heart, enough that I read all the existing manga chapters at once. A pure-hearted story about music, friendship, love and the determination to overcome your individual demons/obstacles. It has its comedic moments too, but it’s mostly the music aspect and the characters themselves that pull me in, and really connects to one's emotions. The recent manga chaps are too much for my frail kokoro. Also, I love Tsubaki.

Tokyo Ghoul

Popular series, and somewhat overrated. Read the manga, it’s much better (the first few arcs at least the last arc is just completely WTF) If you like gore, action and badass chicks, go for it, but don’t get your hopes up. Don't get me wrong though, this series is definitely good and I enjoyed it a lot. The artwork is good and the ED pics are beautiful at least it's not ridiculously overrated like Shingeki no Kyojin


Hamatora/ Re: Hamatora

I wonder why I enjoy this series so much – the plot/theme isn’t particularly well-executed, but I like it enough to look forward to new eps each week. The setting is quirky enough to remind me of Durarara!, and characters all have weird names, the English in the actual show is bad, yet still likeable.The characters are all unique and likeable enough too. Again, the manga is much better and more emotional, so be sure to read it! The anime is for its pretty effects and good VA-ing and subtle yaoi? Come on, Ratio and Birthday, come on!

Tokyo ESP

I gave it a shot because it’s by the same author as Ga-Rei. Unfortunately, unlike Ga-Rei: Zero, this ones follows the manga route and thus doesn’t come off as good. The manga, of course, is still better and has better characterization (especially later on, Rinka ftw!) If you’re a fan of Ga-Rei: Zero (more specifically, Kagura and Yomi-sama), go read the Ga-Rei x Tokyo ESP crossover special chapter!


Silver Spoon

From the same mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist, this series doesn’t disappoint. As expected, the characters and plot are all developed quite well. Simple yet meaningful plot, one can really relate due to the realistic/daily challenges we must face as well. The manga hasn’t been updated for a while, but I’m definitely still keeping my eyes open for more. The anime follows the manga quite well, and it’s hilarious. Watch it!


Soredemo Sekai wa Utuskushii (Even then the World is Beautiful)

Another shoujo-series that I somehow fell for. At first, the fact the main guy is a shota makes me iffy, but as you see how they grow to trust each other and how their characters develop, age doesn’t matter anymore. I didn’t finish watching the anime because after ep1, I went for the manga right away and read all the existing chapters. The heroine, Nike (pronounced NEE-Keh, not like the shoes) has a very likeable personality hence quite a few guys fell for her, as per the usual shoujo formula Anyway, this is another good series for one to recall otome heart <3


Speaking of otome, another similar manga with similar circumstances is A Bride’s Story which I totally recommend because the art style and the details are just astounding, and the plot is much deeper and complex. I’m puzzled why there’s no anime adaptation yet. It's too beautiful to be animated, I'm sure.


Shingeki no Bahamut

I barely made it through the first ep because the art style, esp the lips, are kinda weird but I got used to it. And damn, I’m totally in love with the series now – it’s got everything I love: dark fantasy setting, mythology, fun character development times, cool female chars, badass villains, Eri Kitamura voicing friggin’ Cerberus, and Jeanne D’Arc. I’ve long heard of this because it’s a popular game, so I’m glad I checked out this anime adaptation. It reminds me of Samurai Champloo, another gold back in the days damn I sound old. It has the potential to be the best of the Winter anime :D


Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

>A> I wonder why I’m still watching the show. It’s a cheap imitation of Gundam SEED (I’ll forever hold a grudge against this show for using the same Asucaga scenario AND tainting it) and the fanservice is waaaaaay over the top. The main character, Ange, is not particularly likeable either (though I have to say her characterization is very realistic given the circumstances, so good job on that?) The only thing the series has going is the appealing visuals (and no I don’t mean fanservice) and the impressive VA cast. Nana Mizuki, Eri Kitamura, Yukana, Mamori Miyano, just to name a few, and probably the only reason I’m still watching… well, admittedly, I’m curious to see how the story would go because honestly, under all that many, many fanservicey and not-my-dish kind of yuri, the plot is mildly intriguing seriously where the f*** did all those dragons come from and why why couldn't this have been yuri OTL Tusk, go away...

wow that took an hour to write LOL but I feel accomplished???

  • Listening to: Toki no Sabaku - Mika Arisaka
  • Watching: WIXOSS, Shingeki no Bahamut
  • Playing: (still) Cytus & Deemo
  • Eating: shio ramen
  • Drinking: blonde roast/americano/dark roast
TM - Thank You by Athyra
TM - Thank You
"You have a really nice expression there, Mido-chan."
"Thank you, Kanna."

Finally got to watch Tamako Love Story, and as much as I ship MochiTama (I squeal so many times, they're just so adorbs/adorks), this scene is all I can think about - hence this fanart. Ah Midori, you make my heart break ;w; I must say Yamada did an amazing job bringing out Midori's feelings, all those subtle gestures and lines (director-sama of K-ON after all). And Kanna is just such a wonderful friend. You can look at their relationship as platonic or possibly romantic, either way, they're both great chars and cuddly. Also, it's been established in the TV series already but the movie once again emphasized the fact Midori is definitely Mitsu's lovechild :la: so is Mochizou... he could've been Midori's bro lawl. And let's not forget the Azulings

I probably had the worst week ever, but instead of ranting I'll just say I'm glad to finally get enough energy/time to doodle something! oh look, it's monday tmr already, fml

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